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We are Todd & Tess, and we believe that pets are another part of the family and deserve the best products that keep them happy and healthy. 

These products use the natural benefits of vinegar and garlic, along with citrus and selected herbs to develop products containing healthy vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes to help keep our pets healthier, happier, well groomed, and better adjusted. All of these ingredients work together to make our pets less vulnerable to germs, insect bites, and other parasites.

We love our pets and know you do too, so why not give them the best in a healthy whole food supplement and other natural insect resistant products. give them the love and care they deserve. They will love you for it.


We are proud to offer you these quality products. We welcome your comments and criticism, because we care about what you think. The responses and results we receive from our customers is truly phenomenal. Look up our group on Facebook - TNT Natural Pet Products - and join other members devoted to keeping their pets healthy the natural way.

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